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Co-working in Northern Sweden

House Be. Feel at home as in your living room, but with spaces created to get things done. A creative place – full of modern people with sharp ideas. Come inside and meet our friends who have already hung their jackets in the hall.

Entrepreneurship is our condition. Curiosity is our approach. Networking comes naturally. Sustainability is a given. We give back.

We are House Be.

Work. Play. Be.

This is how we live. This is how we work; as entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, colleagues and friends. We work hard, but are not afraid of taking a break to play and fill up with energy again. We can stop and breathe, and we can focus here and now.

House Be is much more than a regular office hotel. Why? Well, because we have so much more to offer than comfortable chairs and raising desks.

House Be brings together all types of companies and organisations under one roof. The secret, however, is that with our values Work. Play. Be. we can build a culture that makes each individual feel welcome, appreciated and valued. In parallel, we are building a strong network and ecosystem around those chairs and the raising tables. We firmly believe in this combination and it has proven to create both success and happiness for our members.

Pssst… According to recent surveys by DeskMag and Ergonomic Trends, it turns out that as many as 89% of those who joined a co-working space became happier, with 50% reporting higher income and 82% expanding their professional network – among with many other life improvements which co-working contributes to. *Source; Nexudus




Community Membership

For those who want to just check in from time to time and get access to everything from a strong network and cool events to good coffee and a printer. Just join us!


Lounge Membership

You are looking for a workspace but are definitely not looking for any old workspace. You want to be inspired at work, not bored. A Lounge Membership gives you access to House Be's Lounges 24/7. Come and work, network and do business as much or as little as you want.

Desk Membership

If having your own desk is a must. And a nice desk chair of course. And lots of time in meeting rooms. Not to forget free access to events, membership benefits and coffee. It seems like a Desk Membership is your thing...

Studio Membership

Somehow you have found House Be and you feel it is something for you. You and your team maybe. Like many others, you want to get a little more out of your work day and are simply looking for an inspiring environment. At the same time you need your own room, as you want to be able to close the door behind you. Then it’s a given - you should have a studio.

Work. Play. Be

Our offices

House Be is currently in six locations in Northern Sweden. But we are not content at stopping here. We want to give even more people the right conditions to succeed, in the place they actually want to live. So keep an eye on us, hopefully we will soon open close to the home of your dreams.


Our partners are like our best friends. They have become a big part of the ecosystem we build around our members. They believe in us, we believe in them and together we are committed to creating the right conditions for each other and all of House Be’s members. We have lots of strong partners in the various locations, click on the partner page to see more. SJ and Diös will get you in touch with everywhere, wherever you are.

This is starting to get ridiculous...

…It is clear that we like each other. Now you have read the entire start page and come to the bottom. We think you should send us an email. No one would be happier. And you obviously have good taste.